The 6 ½ landscaped acres at Kailani Villa boast the stunning colors of tropical flowers, a myriad of palm trees and a variety of fruit trees!  You’ll find wonderfully scented Plumeria and Tahitian Gardenia, brightly colored Bougainvillea, delicious Banana trees and enormous  Travelers Palms.  Enjoy the photographic tour below!

Young Coconut trees.  They take about 7 years before producing the coveted coconuts!  These are about 4 years old.   A variety of palms along the cliff creating a jungle.
  The sheep are enjoying the shade of some Areca palm trees and produce red nuts about the size of eggs.
  A stately Sago Palm (be careful, this has sharp edges!)   Fruiting Areca Palms with their red nuts.
Chinese Fantail Palm, Areca palms and colorful pink and red Hibiscus.   These Fantail Palms can grow over 40 feet high!   These tall Norfolk Pines provide an excellent wind break from the sometimes gusty trade winds off the ocean.   Beautiful pink flowers of the Hong Kong Orchid Tree can be found around the estate.   Old growth mango tree near the cliff’s edge.
A burst of color from a potted Red Geranium adorns the perimeter of the house.
  Lovely bunches of green “apple” bananas. But wait until they are yellow to pick and eat, even with some brown spots – that’s when they are sweetest!   Enjoy the deliciously pungent scent of Tahitian Gardenia!    Gorgeous burst of color of Bougainvillea.   Beautiful red Hibiscus, Hawaii’s state flower!
Vibrant pink Plumeria, also known as Frangipani around the world.    Colorful Rainbow Plumeria brightens the grounds.   Just one of 200 species of Heliconia.  These gorgeous flowers have the nickname of ‘lobster claws’.   Plumeria trees / shrubs grow quickly and easily here in Hawaii.    Ornamental musings of an African Tulip tree.  There are several on the property and they can grow up to 80 feet tall!
Travelers Palm is the common name for Ravenala, a species of plant from Madagascar.  It is called this because the sheaths of the stems hold rainwater, which can be used as an emergency drinking supply!Potted red Anthuriums in the forefront of a small citrus tree looking mauka  (“inland, toward the mountain”) with fantastic bursts of purple Bougainvillea.  A row of closely planted Areca palms creates a fantastic privacy barrier along Hwy 19.